Good News For Lesvos

After yesterday’s heartache over the updates from the Calais Jungle, and the uncertainty of the situation, I wanted to share some positive news with you guys today!

Dan is back in Lesvos; this time for the long haul. He arrived on Sunday on a one-way ticket and has hit the ground running! He has already been busy, from seeing in the boats at night to supporting volunteers by day, and already has various projects on the go. He will be working closely alongside the amazing Pikpa Lesvos, a refugee camp and organisation that supports the most vulnerable refugees and assists aid efforts across the Island. Together they have big plans and we will be keeping you updated on the developments! From supporting in the preparation of the hotel secured by the Kempsons which will act as a base for refugees arriving on Lesvos, to constructing our women and children’s dome at the Pikpa camp, we are working together to create long-standing, sustainable solutions.


You’ve probably already heard about the dome…our amazing 11 metre dome, donated by the awesome team at Pacific Domes will provide a safe place for women and children on the Island. With both the cover and the frame for the dome finally in our hands, today was the day for the incredible Mark to embark on a 4 day road-trip to drive them from London to Lesvos. The journey he is taking is the reverse journey of many of the refugees we have met in Calais, and he will be documenting it along the way.

Also on Dan’s Lesvos dream team is the amazing Nel who I have told you guys about before. Her and her lovely goddaughter, 9-year-old Eve, swam the length of the crossing from Turkey to Lesvos in order to raise money to support refugees across Europe. Nel is now spending a couple of weeks in Lesvos, putting her incredible organisational skills to good use and sorting out the Pikpa warehouse. It definitely doesn’t sounds like the most glamorous job, but she will be the first to tell you that an organised warehouse is the foundation for a smooth and efficient operation all round! Not the most exciting task, but ultimately essential so THANK YOU NEL!!


When Dan talks about Pikpa, we can tell it is a special place, a beacon of hope, a place to recuperate and forget, just for a while, the terrible things these people are going through. A place to feel welcome, to feel comfortable, to be not a refugee, but to be human.

Check out this beautiful film about individual holiday makers on Lesvos sitting down to talk to newly arrived refugees, it really touched me: