This is Abdul.

He is a 15 year old child.

His entire family, mum, dad and siblings were killed in a bombing in his beloved home country, Syria.

Not knowing what else to do and fearing for his own safety, he fled to Turkey, alone, on foot, spending the nights sleeping on the streets, and the days continuing the long journey to the safety of Europe.

A few weeks ago he arrived to the Calais Jungle alone. This is where he met our lovely team member Hannah who since painted this incredible portrait.

Hannah speaks Arabic so she was able to translate his story to the other volunteers in the clinic where she met Abdul. She told me time stood still as this little boy spoke, shaking with the trauma he has endured. The more he shared, the more her heart broke into pieces at the helplessness of the situation. Whilst Hannah and the volunteers wept for him, he held back the tears, just.

Abdul faces being made a refugee from the refugee camp in which he now lives if his shelter is bulldozed tomorrow. And his tears might be forced to flow if the tear gas canisters keep coming.

This is not OK.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation in the camp as much as possible.

To see more of Hannah’s sensitive and emotive work, check out her Facebook page.