We’re Online!


Our wifi plan for the Jungle in Calais has gone CRAZY…the success of it quite unbelievable.

I was panicking last week, before we made the journey over for the installation that I hadn’t made posters to let people know about the wifi… I need not have worried…

2015-12-09 004

We got one of our four hotspots set up, running much more slowly than it eventually will be, yet within 48 hours we had 1027 unique users accessing mainly emails, followed by social media, music and video. We’ve reached about 14% of all residents of the Jungle and this is just the very very beginning!

Even during the set up people were constantly approaching the van (first thinking it was a distribution), over the moon at the prospect of being connected. “Wifi? Wifi?’ We heard all day!

2015-12-09 003

We’ll be back to continue the installation from Monday, and are working to switch from mobile data to a blanket fibre coverage of the Jungle. If anyone would like to sponsor this project / knows any companies that may be interested, we are looking to get the system in place then do the same for Pikpa camp for vulnerable people in Lesvos, Greece in the new year.

2015-12-09 005

It feels amazing to know that we have made it a little easier for people to speak to their family and friends, to be connected to their homes and their futures, to watch some videos, read some news, access some opportunities, listen to some music!

2015-12-09 002

A massive shout out to our amazing Richard who has been unbelievably amazing from the very beginning of this project and continues to put his all into making it a reality!