The Truth, Unfiltered

Two days ago, we posted a distressing image I received on whatsApp from a Syrian friend in Damascus. It was a picture of the body of a one-year-old girl being pulled from the rubble of her home by her father.

Our little team thought long and hard about posting this image. NOBODY wants to see something so so horrible, and of course, we understand that.

If you had told me a few months ago, back when my feed was full of travels and beaches and positivity and happiness, that I would be posting an image like this to Facebook, I would never have believed you…

But somehow I have found myself deeply involved in the refugee crisis we are in the midst of, closely connected to the many people suffering as a result.

From the moment this all began I have felt compelled to share what comes to me, exactly as it comes to me, as raw and unedited as possible. I feel a responsibility to do justice to the stories I hear, the people I meet, representing them where they are unable to be heard.

The photographer of this particular picture has stayed in Syria, risking his life in an attempt to share what is happening there with the world. How can we possibly turn a blind eye? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate disservice to his bravery?

Of course, noone wants to see these things, least of all the people of Syria, experiencing them first hand, without the luxury of the choice not to look.

I want nothing more than for these pictures not to exist, or the reality behind them, but in the meantime, I feel the need to continue to share our experiences as honestly and truthfully as possible as we have from the start.

You can find the picture on our Facebook page.