The Innocence Of Laughter

Yesterday’s Update from Lesvos:

Our lovely volunteers reported walking 4km along the beach yesterday to reach the boats arriving during the morning shift, as they were brought in by the smugglers much further out than normal.

Zrinka reported:

“Some life guards tried to stop them by piercing the boats but they managed to escape. The Frontex ship stood by and did not do much about smugglers, but mercifully rescued one boat that was about to sink.”

Two trucks also came to take away the life jackets collected by volunteers, the pile up becoming an environmental hazard on the island.

During the night shift in Moria camp, 3,000 new arrivals were settling in for another cold night under the stars. Our volunteers personally handed out warm, dry clothes to 700 of them.


Zrinka also spoke of one little boy in particular:

“There was one very happy and chatty little boy from Syria I took off the boat. Kids are usually very quiet and shell shocked when they get off the boats, but this little boy just kept talking very cheerfully. He just made everyone laugh. Tonight I saw him again as he needed new clothes. I managed to find him a jacket. He recognised me and was still very cheerful, despite the cold and general misery surrounding him. I was tired but his resilience lifted me up.

I hope that one day, when all these children grow up, they won’t remember and hold against us these horrible days of fear, humiliation and cold nights they have been forced to endure. We have absolutely no defence, because no reason is good enough!”

Thank you Jane and Zrinka for being amazing.