The UK is bombing Syria..

I am shocked, heartbroken.

I guess the part of me that thought these people, though they don’t represent me, might share my compassion, was wrong…

But you know what…if there is one thing I feel more strongly than ever, more strongly than my disappointment or my despair, it’s determination.

I am determined to spread our message of love wider than ever before. To push this wave of compassion, to maximise it, to demonstrate that we do care.

We are here, we are taking action to help those who need it, to do what we can to make their lives even just a little bit better.

We will lead by example.

We will make friends upon friends upon friends because we are all the same and our love for you all is equal.

Our tribe will grow.

Our voices unite and we will become louder.

Our strength will come from unity and love, our success from our shared commitment to a global community.

Each and every one of us can use our personal power and influence to affect change, to take action for what we believe in and to progress to a world we are proud of.

It can be hard to remain positive on a day like today, but really there is no other option.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”