Something To Celebrate

To you guys, this might look like a big lump of metal.

To us, this container represents hard work, achievement, progress and SUCCESS!

Team members Dan Teuma and Mark Pearce spent the majority of last week preparing for the arrival of this full container of aid from Barcelona! It now stands proudly and firmly (on a beautiful gravel base), on the grounds of Pikpa Lesvos, full to the brim of warm clothing, shoes, blankets, sleeping bags, tents and more.

This container will permanently improve Pikpa’s storage situation, ready for the new year when things start to get busy again as more and more refugees make the crossing from Turkey. The terrace planned for the top of the container provides the perfect vantage point to spot incoming boats. A boat full of freezing cold, soaking wet, terrified refugees landed on this very beach just last night.

Pikpa is a refugee camp for the most vulnerable refugees. The whole area in this picture is being prepared as an emergency space to deal with new arrivals as the boats hit the shore. Ready to go with blankets, dry clothes and bottles of water, at least the refugees will be welcomed into Pikpa’s open arms with dignity and love.