Love To Lesvos This Christmas

Two of our lovely team are out in Lesvos for a few weeks over Christmas and New Year, working incredibly hard to spread Christmas love and support throughout the Island, with Pikpa Lesvos.

Yesterday, at the end of an 18 hour work day, we were updated on their journey.

Their morning saw the arrival of 6 boats which they met with love and attention, wrapping everyone in emergency blankets, providing dry clothes, ensuring hundreds of people made it safely to dry land.

Much of the remainder of the day was spent cleaning thousands of life jackets from the beach, a huge environmental hazard on the island as they build up en mass, each representative of the person they carried across the water.

Yesterday evening they washed and gave out 150 baby bottles in the infamous Moria camp. Some mothers came to them with bottles so dirty they were unwashable, and when the new bottles had run out, the team were forced to make formula milk in water bottles.


We just want to give a huge shout out to Jane and Zrinka working so hard over a period when many people are celebrating family, friends and festivity in warmth and comfort.

Unfortunately war doesn’t stop for Christmas. Whilst some of us drink mulled wine and open presents, babies are drinking from dirty bottles and volunteers are unwrapping emergency blankets. Whilst some children struggle to sleep with excitement, waiting for Santa to arrive with presents, others are struggling to sleep under the stars, their parents trying desperately to keep them warm.

This is NOT to say we shouldn’t be enjoying Christmas. We should ALL be enjoying Christmas, and while we’re not collectively all able to, we should be aware of those who aren’t.

Photos by Dan Teuma