Gifts For The Jungle

Our lovely Nilsy is in the camp today bringing food packages to our Sudanese friends. We wanted to pay them a little Christmas visit to make sure they were stocked up on essentials when it comes to cooking for themselves. This is the first step in a bigger plan to support the amazing work of the existing kitchens operating in the camp, providing warm meals to the refugees stuck there.

We also bought a little pressie for the library next to the makeshift church. We recently installed super fast wifi into the library, and to let the guys there know we were coming with a gift, we were able to video call them and see everyone else huddled in there making skype calls home! It was so great to see!

2015-12-30 002

The gift was 10 tablets. We hope to make the internet accessible to everyone in the camp, even those without their own smart phone. We have already seen a lot of sharing of devices (meaning the reach of the wifi has been even more than the 2500 unique users we’ve already connected!)

Smart phones are really needed in the camp, not just to connect people to their friends and family back home, or somewhere else along the difficult journey, but to provide access to crucial information and opportunities. If you got a new one for Christmas and have a spare lying around, it would be bloody AMAZING and make a huge difference to someone’s life in the camp if you post it to this address:

Refugee Phones,
12 soho square,
Ground floor,

(remember to delete any naughty pictures or other data and include the charger!!)

Nils is in the Jungle continuing in our aim to get the whole camp connected to the internet. To support our wifi project, you can donate here: