Christmas Lights In Calais

The Turning On of the Christmas Lights.

Christmas in the Jungle is a pretty bleak affair. Freezing cold, wet and windy, thousands of people are stuck here, at the end of the road, the hope that propelled them this far, slowly slipping away, alongside their dignity.

Without these two things, many are left with nothing, having already lost their families, friends, homes and everything they once knew.

To add insult to injury, life in the jungle is not even safe. Numerous fires have devastated the camp over the winter months, destroying many makeshift homes people have attempted to build in order to regain some sense of normality, some way to survive.

2015-12-28 002

The cause of these fires is often the candles people are using to light their shelters. A huge hazard in this densely populated, highly flammable environment. It is a miracle no sleeping children have yet lost their lives to the smoke or flames.

We want to eradicate the use of candles entirely by providing every shelter with a solar-panelled, LED lantern. These super light-weight, inflatable, powerful light sources charge even when it’s overcast and are bloody AMAZING.

We gave out 200 in the Sudanese area recently flattened by fire. As it got darker our pals turned them on; a beautiful site evocative of the turning on of Christmas lights, but better, much more moving and uplifting.

To donate some light, give what you can here: