Christmas Dinner in The Jungle

This is what Christmas dinner in the Jungle refugee camp looks like.

I’ve been thinking whilst wrapping my Christmas presents today…

Most Christmas presents are just gestures of love right? We don’t necessarily NEED anything, nor do our family, or our friends, but we want to show each other that we love each other, that we care.

Well maybe you can give this love, show this compassion, without physically wrapping an unnecessary gift. Maybe the MOST kindness and care you could possibly show doesn’t come with traipsing around the busy shops, digging out the sciccors and sellotape and writing the same thing on lots of Christmas cards.

Maybe this year we should all give a Christmas present to the people who are actually in need. Just one. A little one even. But I really think (and I speak from experience), it would give the best Christmas vibe to everyone involved. Giving feels good, especially when what you give is truly and not just crucial, but truly and honestly appreciated and life-changing.

You can give any amount you have disposable to you following this link. Or you can set up a regular donation on a monthly basis (which helps keep us work sustainably and may be more feasible to you, even just £2 a month).

And if you are seriously tight this Christmas, you can also just share this post, and you are using the resources available to you to make a difference to someone in the midst of a nightmare this Christmas.