So Much To Give

For the last five months I’ve talked about and posted about nothing but refugees. I’ve thought about nothing else either. I’ve been totally, 100% consumed by the crisis of our time and the incredible people I have been meeting as a result.

My whole life has become about doing everything in my power to support the people in Calais, Lesvos, and on the journey in between. And it’s been pretty intense.


I never expected this to happen. I just went to Calais to bring a bit of food and warm clothing, to answer some of the questions I had about the people there. What happened next has been a complete, physical and emotional whirlwind. The intense power of social media combined with people’s compassion has overwhelmed and engulfed me.

It’s been bloody hard. I’ve never found myself feeling like I do now. I cry at everything, vulnerable from the trauma of others I have unintentionally been absorbing. I’ve put my absolute everything into this, and it shows, it’s broken me down a bit too much.


There is so much still to do, so much I know I can still give, but first I need to build some internal balance, strength and peace. It used to be there, but it takes constant work and it’s been a little neglected.

I used to write a lot about travel on this blog; about the amazing people I met on my crazy adventures. I guess that hasn’t changed, I still do that, it’s just those amazing people have recently all been refugees.

Well this weekend I’m visiting a good friend’s family in Romania. Un-refugee related; just for me. It was booked months and months ago, and as the date approached, I found it very hard to pull myself away. But I’m here, trying to take a step back, to breathe, to get some clarity, some headspace, some time.


It’s just a couple of days, but I’m hoping it’s the key to the vision for 2016, what crazy and amazingness will happen next….

Also theres now an amazingly little family team of us, and they’re all still there, working hard, ensuring that we’re constantly still doing what we can to support our amazing friends in the Jungle and in Lesvos.

The Worldwide Tribe, for me, has always been about bringing people together, bridging the gaps, those prejudices and fears, and realising that deep down we are all the same, all human. Wherever I go, this idea applies, from refugee camps to Transylvanian market stalls.