Peace In Paris

I slept very restlessly last night, devastated by what is happening in Paris.

I know that in the aftermath of this horror, people will look for somewhere to direct their pain. It’s natural to want to have someone/something to blame and I get that, I’m upset too.

Last night there was also lots of confusion about a fire in the Calais camp. People were saying things like ‘revenge attack’. Thankfully, after speaking to our friends there, we heard that the fire was started by a candle and although 40 shelters had burnt down, no one was injured. One of the shelters was the home of our very good friend, the shelter we sleep in when we’re there. He messaged to say he was safe, but ‘very tired.’

The confusion did get me worrying about the repreccussions.

The worst thing for me is that attacks like those in Paris are exactly what the refugees in the camp are fleeing. Danger, fear, death, these are all the things they are desperate to leave behind. We must stand in solidarity in the face of this tragedy and work towards peace together. We are the same, united in this attack on humanity.

‘Returning hate for hate multiples hate, adding deeper darkness to a nights devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.’

Photo by Brendan Waterman