My Heart Hurts For Them Too

When me and Dan decided to come to Seville for a couple of days, I guess it was with the view of leaving behind some of the injustice and heartbreak we have been dealing with on a daily basis.


What I’ve realised though, is that there is suffering, inequality and shit you find hard to deal with, everywhere you go, all around us. You can’t run or hide from it, and there’s only so long you can remain ignorant to it too. It’s what you do with it that counts. It’s what actions those emotions cause you to take that matter. It’s how you deal with the world around you, how you interact with the people you share it with, that defines our life path and our happiness, I think.


People often comment on the work we’re doing with refugees and they say ‘well what about the homeless in our country’. Well the answer to that is…my heart hurts for them too. No one should go to bed hungry or cold and I support and encourage anyone who works to support the homeless in England/Seville/Europe and the rest of the world. Unfortunately I can’t take the whole world’s homeless / displaced population onto my own shoulders, but between us I actually believe we can!

Anyway my point is, there is pain, suffering, heartache, and we all know it, but sharing the responsibility of this is the only path towards equality and also personal happiness, in my mind.