My Friend, The Poet

This is on my desk today.

On the left, a heartbreaking account of the horror of Calais’s refugee camp. ‘We feel like we are dying slowly.’ And people are… Slowly deteriorating, not just in health but in spirit… Left in conditions not suitable for criminals in this country…who receive shelter, regular meals, showers!

But on the right, an example of perseverance, strength and creativity. This is a present I bought for our friend in the camp who is an incredible poet. His poems draw on his tragic experiences, but the words he chooses are somehow beautifully uplifting. He specifically asked me for this dictionary of literary terms, most of which (when I flicked through) I have never even heard of in my life!

Volunteers in the jungle

Volunteers in the jungle as usual overworked,

Overwhelmed by all the flowers and letters of support,

Struggles day and night to make a wonderful jungle life,

As vigilante in the night to make our lives gloom to a brilliant life,

Because our life’s sorrow, our brilliant light’s shadow and our emotions grief,

Our language broken as a child with a new mother tongue,

Our speech silent and our day dreams

Regardless our dreams is dreamy,

You gave us a newly hope as merely in the sky,

The sky was a brilliant, cloudless blue, it was dazzled by a sunlight, that our dreams will become true,

Gorgeous stunning respect for our needs,

So soft-hearted, so soft-spoken,

The peace of understanding in each face,

Jungles are so happy with you from the sunrise up to the sunset,

As much as mum loves holdings her kid’s,

Jungle will turn over without your exist,

Our darkness life is lighting with your beings.

Our life glorified by your existence as well as moon-light’s in the dark night fabulous,

It was a real privilege to meet you,

and our pleasure to welcome you,

Solidarity together we are one, niether politics nor character shape,

Humanity not religious values, peace love not war,

We hope to have a love of God working through people just like you.

Our long time is shorting by means of you,

We never account the time when we come around with you.

It’s so harsh when you say goodbye, everybody – I’ll see you in a couple of weeks,

after we knows you in deep, of the core of our heart,

We don’t know you before you arrived, but after you take leave of your senses to say goodbye,

I’m so sorry, but you’ll just have to say: the boat was about a mile from the shore,

finally our boat reached the shore,

I do appreciate that indeed, and I wish you every future success due that, you are a fruit of a rooted success,

May God will bless you greatly for every single little bit.

M.Omer A.K.A. Dream