Hell On Earth

There is a hell on earth.

A place where children’s feet rot in the cold mud, where grown men cry in despair, where families who are fleeing unimaginable terror are hungry, freezing cold, tired, sick.

I’m talking about Moria camp in Lesvos. Where people queue for days on end, outside, for the papers they need to continue their journey.

Dan and Mark are on their way back there today. I’m worried for them, for what they will find there, because I know the emotional affect it had on them last time.

2015-12-02 011

Last time it was dark

As bad as you can imagine it, if not worse.

But a few weeks later and we are hearing more positivity around the situation in Greece, that in fact, Calais is the main area classed as code ‘red’ when it comes to the humanitarian crisis on the ground.

We shall see, everything is so transient, this we have learnt, and you never know until you’re there…

You will be hearing it here first hand anyway…

These drawings are by an amazing volunteer musician and artist duo Dan met last time he was in Lesvos, Brush&Bow.