Fire! Fire!

As if the people living in the Jungle have not had enough obstacles to deal with along the way…

As if the journey, the situation, the future isn’t hard enough…

This week saw the explosion of a gas canister in the camp, resulting in the surrounding makeshift homes people have struggled to build with minimal resources, catching alight.

Calais ‘Jungle’ Fire 1 November 2015 from Shafiur Rahman on Vimeo.

The people of the camp tried as best they could to contain the blaze, tearing down nearby houses, using plastic bottles to throw water into the flames, and do anything else they could to control the situation. As it died down, they picked out what they could from the embers, bags of pasta, blankets, whilst kids were standing round in bare feet, watching.

Fireman Tackling Blaze in Calais Jungle Refugee Camp

Situations like this break my heart. How can it be fair, that people with so little, continue to get what they do have ripped away? A house fire in the UK is terrible enough, but in this camp, having to start all over again seems enough to truly break the human spirit. Although I am proved wrong time and time again. This isn’t the first fire I have seen in the camp, another of my friends woke up to his tent on fire after a candle had fallen over, but as we looked at the remains of his ‘home’, he reminded me, ‘these things can all be replaced, my health, my body, my mind, those can not.’

This video was filmed, and photos taken, by the amazing Shafiur Rahman at Z/Six Oranges