Expanding The Tribe!

To all our lovely supporters…we have some amazing news for you!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our very own fundraising platform!


To date, we have been raising money through our sister organization, CalAid, who continue to focus on the collecting, storing, transporting and distributing of your physical donations, facilitating you guys’ amazing generosity and passion to act.

Here at the Worldwide Tribe, we have been working on various other projects on the ground such as supporting existing organisations and long term volunteers, setting up a volunteer programme in Lesvos, installing WiFi, facilitating a football tournament in the Jungle camp in Calais and much much more!

Many Tents in Jungle Refugee Camp in Calais

The Worldwide Tribe have also focused on telling the real human stories of the people behind the headlines, raising awareness and overturning prejudices around immigration (our documentary is nearly ready!!!)

Having been instrumental in the setting up of CalAid, our little Worldwide Tribe team are now handing over the logistics side of things to the amazing team of volunteers that has formed over the last few months, organized by the lovely James Fisher, who are working their hardest to get your donations to where they need to be. If you would like to donate physical items, check out the CalAid facebook page. But it you are feeling the urge to donate money…..

This evening we are launching a BRAND NEW fundraising campaign to support the continued work of the Worldwide Tribe on the ground in Calais, Lesvos and beyond.

Girl Laughs with Refugees in Jungle Camp in Calais

If you have had enough of feeling helpless at the crisis we find ourselves in the midst of, and are yet to donate, please please dig deep and follow our BRAND NEW LINK HERE:


Photos by Finlay O’Hara