Calais On Paris

Refugees in Calais on the terror attacks in Paris…

We were back in the Jungle this weekend helping our friends by replacing some bits that they had lost in the fire.

Whilst there, we were chatting to one of our very close friends from Sudan. As we talked, we got onto the subject of the terror attacks in Paris.

He tried to explain his feelings to us in his broken English, but as he did, he began to well up, until tears were streaming down his face.

We comforted him and as he wiped away the tears, we started to understand why he was so upset.

2015-12-02 007

1. Firstly he was devastated for the people that had lost their lives. Of course, we all are, but I mean, genuinely, heartbroken for them.

2. He understood that the repercussions could directly affect his already impossible situation, upset for that fact that it might make life even harder for him and his friends in the camp as some people’s opinions on Muslims and refugees may have changed.

3. He was also distraught that people might think that this was a portrayal of his religion. “This is not my religion” he told us. “I do not believe the things that these people believe. They are not like me”.

And he was right, they could not be more different from him.

I’ve never seen so much compassion from someone about people they don’t know. It was a powerful moment for all of us there which has stuck with us and we wanted to share.