Calais Burning

What a weekend.

This is the aftermath of Friday nights fire in the camp.


There was a lot of confusion as the world went crazy on Friday night, we weren’t in the camp so were getting conflicting reports about whether it was true, but we soon got the confirmation from our friends there that our fears were valid.

The camp was on fire, and the area where we usually sleep, the whole part of the camp we know the best, where most of our friends live, now looks like this.


I am devastated for them.

This for many, is the final straw. One of our friends told me he just felt tired, so tired of the constant struggle. This part of the camp was one of the most built up, full of well insulated, wooden structures, some of the best in the camp, but also the most hazardous when it comes to fire.

The fire was started by a candle, and the high winds saw it spread quickly. The proximity of the structures to each other meant many people’s homes stood no chance.


It’s a miracle no one was hurt and it’s just a matter of time, under these circumstances, before fire is the cause of even more suffering, before it engulfs a tent of sleeping children.

For this reason we are supporting the build of a fire truck for use in the camp, and quick! This will replace the efforts of the inhabitants of the Jungle attempting to put the fire our with buckets of water from the limited water points. This is ESSENTIAL for the winter!