A World Apart, But Still So Close

My life is so strange at the moment.

One minute I’m in the camp, the next, I’m back in Spain, Barcelona this time, talking at a conference about how we should weave a social conscience into education.

The boys are in the camp in Calais today, bringing much needed supplies to our friends affected by Friday’s fire. And I’m in a hotel room where the toilet paper is folded into a point at the end and theres a little panel to control the lights and the air-con next to my bed. So. wierd. I can’t quite get my head around it.

I actually just got back to my room after a little adventure, and someone has been in to clean it. I didn’t want / expect that and looked around in disbelief at the pair of socks that had been picked up off the floor and tucked into my boots, the clothes taken from my little bag and hung up in the cupboard, and the little leather mat placed under my laptop, on the desk, all lined up at perfect angles, ready for me to get back to work. My brain is confused….this is so strange. How can people’s lives be so vastly different. The gaps between these parallel existences are so big.


I know that many many people live inside this comfortable bubble, intentionally or unintentionally unaware of the realities of many outside of that.

This needs to change, this gap needs to be bridged.

I’m not actually suggesting anyone give up these luxuries. I’m enjoying the buffet breakfast as much as the next person! It’s absolutely fair enough if you want fresh fluffy white towels every morning and someone to carry you bag to the lift, no one is judging you here. All I ask is to extend a thought to those who don’t have a toilet / shower / bathroom / bag / any possessions or even a home. Just know that they exist. Be aware of their struggle. It’s real. All you need it a thought.

Just a thought. It’s these thoughts that become words; your words become actions and your actions become habits. Your habits become character, and your character, well, that becomes your destiny.

So just spare that thought, because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.