A Fire Truck For The Jungle

Today we are finalising the payment for the build of a custom made fire truck in the Jungle to the wonderful Arcadia.

The truck will be on site, full of water and ready to go, before someone is hurt or a life is claimed by the next, inevitable fire in the camp.

The structures are close together, the whole area is very windy and people are forced to use fire to cook and keep warm. It took 45 minutes for the fire brigade to arrive at the camp last time, resulting in 50 homesreduced to ashes.

One of the homes was the one we always stay in when we sleep in the camp. Our friend who lives there always insists we take his makeshift bed. He doesn’t take no for an answer.

Today he told me this wasn’t the first time he had lost everything as a result of fire. He had fled Sudan when the government burnt his entire village to the ground. He sent me pictures, I told him that they made me cry. He message back read:

‘I do not like that make you sad sister, had the amount of grief in me do not like to make another like me miserable’.