Wash Away Dignity

Water in the camp.

Collecting water in the camp is not easy. It’s not like turning on the tap and there it is, ready for you, hot or cold, whichever you want/need!

There are a few temporary water points in the Jungle, the ground around which has become very water-logged, flooded and dirty really. Members of each little community will take it in turns, each day, to go and collect the water for their own little camp. They do this using big water containers and shared trolleys. But this isn’t easy either. Pushing the heavy trolleys full of water across uneven terrain and through the foliage takes serious effort, especially without spelling the water!

Water and Waste in Calais Jungle

The water points are also where a lot of people wash. There are a few shower facilities but only enough for each person to have a shower once every 10 days, after queuing for hours. In the summer, the cold, outdoor tap wash was alright, sufficient I guess (well not really)…but as it gets colder this becomes pretty impossible…. I don’t know about you but there has been times when I’ve not had the opportunity to wash properly even for just a couple of days (in the cotton picking fields in India, at festivals etc) and it’s crazy how much of an effect it has on how you feel. Again, surely anyone, from any background and under any circumstances should be allowed at least a dignified wash!!