Stories To Be Told

Man in Calais Jungle

I realised this morning that amongst all this craziness and shift of opinion in the media and amongst the general population (finally), we haven’t updated you guys on the progress of our documentary for a while!

We’re still filming, slowly but surely, capturing the stories of the people we are building up relationships and friendships with. This process hasn’t been easy for a variety of reasons. Many people are nervous to be on camera, scared of the negative media representation they have received. They are also ashamed; ashamed to be living in such an undignified manner, not wanting their families back home to see their situation.

But slowly, people are beginning to understand that education and understanding about one another is key. We are all the same, deep down, with the same basic human needs. The stories that we are hearing, people NEED to know, and many Brits are blissfully unaware (including me, not that long ago) of the journey these people have taken. Sharing these stories, we believe, will be instrumental in shifting public opinions in regards to the refugee crisis across Europe.

This Sudanese guy speaks beautifully to us on camera. Gotta love the backdrop of the blanket pinned to the wall of his shelter too! He moved his entire house this week due to the original spot being flooded!

So stay tuned for more updates on our progress! It wont be long now…!