Humanity Is Prevailing

Flooding in the Calais Jungle

Me, Fin and Dan have just got back from Calais and logged back in and things on social media have gone a little crazy. It seems the images and stories of the lifeless body of a two year old Syrian boy washed up on the beach in Turkey have hit the point home.

Who would risk the lives of their children, their family, themselves, just for money? And £36 a week, refugees are entitled to IF they make it to England. What is £36 a week if your wife and your children are dead?

Tides of opinion are changing, the wave of compassion and love is building momentum and humanity is prevailing.

The mood in the camp is somber. Rain has left huge areas of the camp under water and people are struggling to keep their very few clothes dry. Many people have had to move their tents out of the flooded areas but were not able to save their blankets/sleeping bags from the wet. And it’s only just September…

Despite the weather, we were greeted with the usual hospitality and love. It’s so nice to be forming really great relationships with people we have now chilled with regularly over the last few weeks…despite the fact that this also means they have been living in this camp far longer than anyone should have to….