An Unwritten Message

Girl on escalator

So last night was a highlight and a low point of the last couple of months.

It was all very dramatic! Me and Dan were loving life, enjoying a three course meal and listening to the amazing stories of other inspirational fundraisers. It was awesome to be in a huge room full of so many people with the shared passion of creating positive change. We had lovely people on our table, were having great chats and it was just so nice to be doing something for ourselves!

After the dinner we enjoyed the photo booth and the company of more amazing people, when I suddenly started to feel really dizzy and faint. It came over me really quickly and I turned away from the conversation I was having to go and sit down. Next thing I knew I had totally blacked out and smashed my head on the corner of a step. I came round and brought my hand to my head and it was covered in blood!

I was so embarrassed! I knew everyone would assume I was drunk from the free wine (which I absolutely wasnt!) One of the celebrity nominees was instantly there saying he was a first aider, but thankfully Dr Dan came to my rescue and stopped the bleeding and made sure I was ok.

I guess this is a classic example of burning the candle at both ends. I had known for a few weeks that the 20 hour days could not continue for much longer and the way I was going was just not sustainable. I guess this was my body’s way of telling me, and making sure I would listen.

I think it’s time to go back to yoga, spend some time with my amazing friends and have a little bit more sleep!