Adina’s Story: From Eritrea To Calais

This lady is from Eritrea. A country that I didn’t even really know existed until a few weeks ago. A country where military service is compulsory and indefinite in length, where you can get arrested for talking to more that one person at a time in the street. A country more repressive than North Korea. A country accused by the UN of human rights violations on a scope and scale seldom witnessed elsewhere.

It’s so strange to me that we don’t know about this. Why don’t we know that people are being imprisoned and tortured and forced into slave-labour called ‘military service’.

This particular beauty told me she left her 4 year old daughter behind when she fled Eritrea. Her daughter is now 8. I asked her if she had any pictures but she told me they were ripped up in front when she was tortured by authorities in Libya. She pointed at her head to indicate the only pictures she had were in her memory.

Her dream is to find somewhere safe to live with her daughter (who is being looked after by her grandma). Pretty fair enough of a dream right?

You can’t see in this picture but her sandals are HUGE for her tiny little feet.

What is going on? WHY is this happening!? I think it’s so important to ask these questions. We can’t just stay blissfully ignorant to what’s happening to people in their hundreds of thousands! What is going on?!

Names have been changed to protect identities.