How Can I Help?

People Making Friends in Calais Jungle

Another question I am asked all the time is ‘How can I help?!’

Well firstly…wow. I still can’t get over the insane response we’ve had since our first visit to the ‘Jungle’ three weeks ago.

After that trip, I innocently put my brothers, a couple of friends, and my own address online, asking people to bring over any donations we could take on our next visit. We were INUNDATED. Our garden, garage and driveway were COVERED in piles of your generosity…

The Worldwide Tribe is a personal travel blog about our world and the crazy things happening all around it. I’ve been writing it for years and am currently filming a documentary about Calais. I was not prepared or ready for the reaction this trip triggered…

So we set up CalAid to unify the efforts of everyone wanting to donate/volunteer to make the situation on the ground, in the camp, a little better for those living there. CalAid oversees the collection of donations all over the country, the transportation to Calais, and the distribution in the camp.

So basically, check out the CalAid website:

The main issue at CalAid is storage. We cant store EVERYTHING you guys have to give in our London and Calais warehouses, all at the same time. ‘Why aren’t we distributing it straight to the people!?’ I’m sure you’re asking… We are! But new people are arriving in the camp every day. What we really need is a steady flow of donations over the course of the winter to make sure new arrivals have the basic tent/blanket/shoes that they need to survive it. We are thinking long term.

The best thing you guys can do with your donations right now is to collect and store them and keep an eye on CalAid for the next step. To get these people through the winter, we need to be strategic, plan ahead and be ready for people as they come.

Finally, another important thing you guys can do is share what we are doing, spread the word, spread the love and the light amongst everyone you know. We are all the same and the world is our home, so share, not just on Facebook, but in real life. Share the amazingness that you have to give, because what are experiences, or things, or life, if you don’t share them with those around you.