Friendships Are Blossoming

Dinner in Calais

So the team has just got back from Calais again. This time we arrived (thanks to you lovely lot) armed with hundreds or pairs of shoes, two van loads of clothes and an abundance of bedding, tents, sleeping bags, toiletries and more….

Upon arrival we proceeded to sort (we’d already sorted by product back in the UK…men’s jumpers, mens jackets etc) everything into as orderly a fashion as possible in a small warehouse not far from the camp. We piled the shoes by size and folded the clothes into piles.

Van of donations and the worldwide tribe team

As we were leaving the warehouse to venture into the camp, a Sudanese guy approached us, barefoot. He gestured to his dusty feet and just said word ‘shoes?’

It was the most amazing thing to be able to take him into our little space and let him choose the pair he wanted. We were even able to give him some brand new socks.

Apparently there are hundreds and hundreds of people in the camp who need shoes. At the moment, it’s August, but this needs to change before the winter sets in…

Photo by Marc Sethi, September 2015. All usage must have prior permission from the photographer.

Photo by Marc Sethi, September 2015. All usage must have prior permission from the photographer.

After our morning of sorting donations we went to find a few friends we had made last week. Again, we were met with more hospitality than I have ever experienced in England!

Osman, the Afghani guy we chatted to for a long time last week, welcomed us all back into the tent he shares with 9 other people. He straight away brought us all tea, really making me feel that he was genuinely very happy to see us again. Him and his friends then made us the most INSANE lunch over their little fire. Chicken, beans and even a salad and a baguette each on the side. It was incredible.

We went on our way feeling very satisfied, physically, as we were all very full, but also mentally, knowing that we would be coming back and back, and that beautiful cross-cultural, international friendships are blossoming.