Going Viral!

Girl with parcels of donations

Wow…what a day.

I went to bed last night, overwhelmed by 750 shares on my Facebook post about Calais, and right now my head is hitting the pillow to 20,800 shares and £11,800 in donations.

Absolutely unbelievable.

Tonight I’ll be falling asleep content, knowing that people ARE fundamentally good and DO love each other as one family. I always knew it…but my faith has been restored that people aren’t prepared to be manipulated by the media into somehow believing that courageous, strong, inspirational people, struggling desperately for their basic human needs, are anything less than just that.

The whole team has been inundated with messages of support and offerings of resources. Nils and Dan have been organising donation drop offs all day while Fin has been preparing to start filming and Ruby has been on the phone to the BBC in between replying to messages and keeping up the Kickstarter!

Thank you to everyone who has donated, messaged us and also those who have shared. You are each part of a movement creating amazing positive change when it comes to the representation of these people. You are also helping their situation on the ground as we are heading back on Wednesday to begin the distribution of your hands of kindness. Shoes, SIM cards, jackets, jumpers, a sewing kit, pencils, and a beautiful note addressed to ‘someone/everyone in the jungle’.

This newspaper cutting was taped to the side of a tent inside the camp. “We are not dangerous, we are in danger.’ Beneath it grows the little flower of hope. The flower that is growing as the support from you guys does.